Political Consulting/Public Affairs
Knapp Communications, Inc., (KCI) is highly experienced in political and public affairs counseling with more than 30 years in the public arena. The firm's contacts in government and media as well as expertise in research, public relations and the movement of public opinion make Knapp Communications a sound choice. Public opinion polling, including written summaries and analyses of results, is a specialty.

KCI has conducted formal research projects, from focus group and questionnaire development to telephone surveys. The company has researched and written corporate histories and conducted informal research.

The company always strives to consider marketing goals and objectives of the client to determine communications strategies and find applications. In addition, KCI develops and implements advertising plans and monitors progress to assure communications and marketing functions are mutually supportive. The firm advocates utilizing strategic planning and proven creative marketing / public relations skills whenever possible rather than relying on paid advertising only. Other areas of expertise include market planning and evaluation, along with database development and implementation.

Print/Video Production
From the smallest brochure to major video and film production, KCI applies a step-by-step path to a successful message. That includes testing messages to be explored, producing a brochure or broadcast piece from writing, layout and design to printing or production and developing a distribution / implementation plan. KCI has the capability of performing all facets of work in all of these areas.

Media Relations
This is an area in which Knapp Communications, Inc., excels because key firm principals have strong broadcast and media background experience working with general news media, business news media, trade and other publications for more than two decades. As a result, the firm's executives understand what news is and how it operates because of involvement in various levels of the news business as well as Public Relations / Marketing / Advertising. The company has a great track record in dealing with the media because principals know how to deal with every media situation. KCI has placed stories in all types of media—ranging from rural weeklies to major metropolitan newspapers, trade publications of all kinds to extensive coverage on CNN and elsewhere.

Crisis Communications Management
The company discreetly assists clients with immediate crisis assessment, media management, solutions, research and long-term planning. Knapp Communications will design a communications contingency plan for businesses, including a rapid response plan and identify a rapid response team capable of handling any situation. This includes training personnel as necessary, arranging and conducting news events and follow-up activities.

Event Planning
Attention to detail is a major selling point for Knapp Communications because it has planned about every type of event from small to large gatherings (meetings, receptions, trade groups, etc.) and is experienced in special event planning and execution. The firm is detail-oriented and organized to handle everything from handout materials, catering, hotel reservations, audio-visual effects and other aspects or marketing and public relations. Included are statewide conferences to new facility announcements, economic developments for AT&T to a parade in the small Panhandle town of Tulia.

Knapp Communications, Inc., is a full-service organization offering turnkey results.


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