Take our Self-Assessment survey for Customer-Centered Organizations:

Whether you are a non-profit organization trying to make headway with funding resources and government policy makers or a for-profit organization selling a product or service, there are some basic techniques that apply to reach target audiences and motivate them to action.

Please complete Step One and Two.

Step One. Think of the following:

1. Your organization’s three top existing target audiences.
2. Characteristics of these three and why you consider them top audiences.
3. Three marketing techniques you use to reach them.

Step Two. Answer the following questions about your own organization based on the lists you made in step one:

1. How do you know you’ve reached them?
2. Are you telling the user what he or she needs to know or just creating clever promotions?
3. What do you want them to know about your firm?
4. How do you know when they are satisfied?
5. How do you plan for a measurable result?

If you haven’t answered these questions to your satisfaction or don’t know how to find the information, then go one to Step Three.

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