Knapp Communication's System for Non-Profit Programs

Objective: Provide community outreach services and education to insure a successful program, using the following tactics:

  1. Develop an awareness plan and flexible timeline.
  2. Assist in the preparation of program research and objectives, utilizing community resources and groups to implement the objectives.
  3. Expand tools for community outreach including:
    • Reports, brochures and flyers to assist with the community outreach and speakers' bureau;
    • Training of participants; and,
    • Preparing and distributing public service announcement materials to all broadcast and print media.
  4. Conduct detailed training programs for board members, stakeholders, community leaders and others to assure consistent and accurate dissemination of programs and information.
  5. Remain in constant communication with participants and all other community groups which have been trained, using faxes, E-mail and personal contact.
  6. Monitor results of public information and training; modify the plan when appropriate.

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