Mrs. Knapp founded Knapp Communications in July 1983, and has guided it to a leading role in the public relations and communications fields. As the company president and owner, Mrs. Knapp has extensive experience in account management and community service as well as a broad background in media relations. Her experience includes work with large and mid-size metropolitan newspapers and another small but widely respected public affairs consulting firm.

Since 1992, the company has expanded its non-profit marketing communications and community outreach specialties, focusing on affordable housing and health-related accounts. She developed marketing strategies for various housing-related clients, including non-profit housing finance agencies in Texas, Louisiana and Colorado. She also has worked with a number of healthcare clients, including non-profit formation, management and grant writing

In the housing arena, Mrs. Knapp has presented informative programs to the Texas Association of Executive Officers of the Texas Association of Builders in addition to serving on Mortgage Credit Certificate panels at the Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies' conferences in Dallas, Lubbock, Corpus Christi and the Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies' national conferences in Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. Mrs. Knapp was a contributing author to the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agency’s publication, "Managing Local Opposition to Affordable Housing: Strategies and Tools."

Mrs. Knapp holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1975) and received a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications (1983) from Texas Tech University (TTU), where she has served as a guest lecturer and instructor. She is the author of "Don Belding: A Career in Advertising." The TTU School of Mass Communications named her “Outstanding Alumni” in 1992.

She has an extensive background in community service and has won a number of professional and civic honors. She is a two-time winner of the prestigious Texas Public Relations Society’s Silver Spur Award, a national communications award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She was honored for designing the "Best Publication" of the Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies four times and has received "The Outstanding Special Promotion" award from the Texas Division of the American Cancer Society (ACS) as well as other local and regional honors.

Mrs. Knapp has held various statewide volunteer posts, including serving as Government Relations Chair and Communications Chair for the Texas Division of the ACS where she also was a member of the Division's Board of Directors. She received the "Golden Dome" award, a national ACS honor, for her work in public issues areas.

Mrs. Knapp is a graduate of Leadership Texas and was a Director of Leadership Texas Alumnae Association and chair of its Communications Committee. Currently she is a sustaining member of the Junior League of Houston.

She is a Vice President of Heart of Montgomery County, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing accessible and affordable healthcare to all citizens of the county.




DAVID E. KNAPP  1931 - 2013

Mr. Knapp passed away this year.  We will miss his leadership, talent and knowledge of journalism.  The company is reorganizing this year and we have exciting projects ahead.  We are going to leave his informaiton on the website because even now he impacts the company.  It's sad he is not here to see the new and reap the benefit of the ideas that now come to fruition. 

He joined Knapp Communications in April 1990, after serving more than 27 years as an award-winning reporter and editor. He was an investigative reporter, special assignments reporter, managing editor and executive editor--the latter post for more than 13 years..

He was nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize--once for solving a bizarre murder on the campus of Texas Tech University and another for his leadership during and in the aftermath of a tornado that killed 26 persons, injured more than 1,500 others and caused $150 million in property damage. Solving the Texas Tech murder case also led to the closing of a similar case in Boston where a university employee was brutally slain.

The Associated Press and United Press International honored the highly accurate storm coverage. While the two-story nTewspaper building sustained a direct hit by the tornado at 9:46 p.m. on May 11, 1970, Knapp organized reporting teams, directed reporters in giving first-hand telephone accounts of the storm to a sister newspaper—The Amarillo (TX) Globe-News—which assembled an abbreviated overnight edition and trucked it to Lubbock 120 miles away. The edition was on the streets at 7 a.m.

The West Virginia native began his journalism career at age 16, writing a regular sports column in a daily newspaper. In his career, he has won numerous community service and public service awards while in the newspaper industry, including first place honors from the Texas Headliners Club and the National Headliners Club for distinguished service in Journalism.

Among the personal awards received were citations for spot news coverage, reporting under pressure of a deadline, investigative reporting and interpretive reporting. Under his leadership, The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal won a number of other awards from The Associated Press and United Press International (UPI). He also spearheaded a Rural Health Care publication that won national acclaim.

He is a former president of the Texas UPI Editors Association and served three, three-year terms on the School of Mass Communications Advisory Council at Texas Tech University (TTU). Knapp is active in civic work and while serving in Lubbock he was a founding member and president of Crime Line, Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization that provides cash rewards for tips on crime incidents and the model for the current nationwide Crimestoppers Program. Crime Line was the first organization of its kind in America.

Because Knapp Communications has a sincere belief in a commitment to community, Mr. Knapp served on many local boards and committees. Before moving to The Woodlands, TX, he was a charter member of the Lubbock County Criminal Justice Commission and chaired its Gang Task Force. He also served as a member of the Lubbock Conventions and Visitors Bureau for seven years and was president of Marian Moss Enterprises, a non-profit organization that employs and furnishes housing for handicapped citizens on the South Plains. He was a member of the board of directors of Civic Lubbock, Inc., and served as a member of the Chancellor’s Council of Texas Tech University.

Knapp is Director of Communications for Heart of Montgomery County, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible, affordable healthcare to all citizens of the county.

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© Knapp Communications, Inc. , 2005-2007, All Rights Reserved